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Boudoir Session

Some details, tips and answers before your boudoir session.


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This boudoir experience celebrates femininity.  Come reconnect with your yourself and embrace the goddess within. Beginning with the guidance provided in the Client Lounge, to arriving for your hair and makeup transformation, to the photoshoot itself. You will feel the confidence within and ready for your boudoir photography session.

Embrace this experience, embrace your body, and your self-expression. This is all about capturing the beautiful you in ways that will have you appreciating the woman you are and perhaps falling back in love with yourself.

The final reveal of your images and when you receive your products, is your reminder to carry these sensations with you for a lifetime, to appreciate your own beauty and confidence.

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Congrats! You are officially booked in and will start to receive emails from me! These will be full of helpful tips, reminders about your boudoir session date, and more! Please do not unsubscribe. This is how I communicate to you about time and locations also. Take your time and read through them and you can email me back about any questions you may have.

You will find most of your questions answered here in the Client Lounge as well, from pre-payment bonuses to how to prep for your boudoir session and what outfits to bring. 

Hi. I'm Gina

For me, boudoir photography is a celebration of your body and who you truly are. It's a personal self-expression of individual style and spirit. I take pride in being able to show women how to celebrate their bodies, and to love and appreciate themselves. That is my goal. To show women of all colors, size and age that they are not their imperfections, they are gorgeous inside and out.

Your boudoir session is all about - YOU! It's about feeling confident, having fun, and then carrying that feeling with you for the rest of your life. You deserve it.

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The Boudoir Essentials


02. the essentials

This checklist helps you to get prepared for your boudoir session. Can't wait to capture your magic!

what outfits to Bring


We will coordinate 4-6 of your outfits together before you boudoir session. a pair of black, nude or your favorite heels, and any props/jewelry you'd like to incorporate!

We will be using 3-4 of your outfits during your boudoir session.  The timeless white sheet set is incredibly popular, simply requiring your beautiful presence.

Bodysuits look awesome on everyone, a full bra & panty set, garter set & thigh-highs (helpful to go up a size, we want them high on the thigh and not too tight), plain t-shirt, your partner's white dress shirt, an oversized sweater, leather jacket, glamourous dress, etc. The choices are endless!

yes, yes, all these:


03. styling

We encourage you to embrace your authentic selves. Here is some styling inspiration to create a look you'll love forever. The most IMPORTANT thing to remember, is bring whatever makes YOU feel good and confident!

styling inspiration

hair + makeup

04. makeup and hairstyle

Arrive to the studio showered with a clean moisturized face & clean dry hair. Moisturize your body before you come to your boudoir session. Skip oils & sparkly options. If you wear glasses normally, put in contacts or skip the glasses altogether to avoid glare!

Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid lines and marks on your body that will show up in pictures. This includes a bra. We recommend wearing a tank top with no bra to keep the girls comfortable! Sports bras typically leave marks, please skip that as well! A robe will be provided during Hair & Makeup as well, to keep that beautiful hair in place.

It is completely your choice whether you want your hair to be curled, straightened, or allow it to be natural!

If you are wearing natural curls and have specific products you know work best for your hair, bring them along!

How do I prep my Body?

05. body prep

Shave your legs/underarms and anywhere else you'd like to the night before to avoid razor burn! If waxing, please do so at least 72 hours in advance to minimize pink tones! Also, laser is an option - just plan well ahead to account for multiple sessions and shedding!

Make sure to lotion the weeks leading up to your boudoir session and that morning! Bring your favorite lotion with you.

Manicure & Pedicure is a must, we will discuss what color to do before you boudoir Session. Best to get both services done a few days before your shoot. 

eat and drink water & NO SPRAY TAN!

Stay hydrated! Drink lots of water prior to your boudoir session to keep your skin radiant and glowing! Eat a small meal before your photo session - Do not skip breakfast! That's unhealthy and I promise you wont see a small meal on your tummy!

A Boudoir sessions is a workout. If you have a favorite snack or drink please bring them to your photo session! We will be taking breaks in between sets to refresh.

absolutely no spray tan!  iT TENDS TO Give THE SKIN AN ORANGE TINT.  Your natural skin tone looks best on camera as it truly reprents who you are.  embracing your natural beauty is the way to go, staying true to yourself and your authentic appearance.

Most Importantly!

Stretch the day before your boudoir session! nothing too crazy, you don't want to be too sore at your photo session! boudoir posing is a lot of back arching specifically. Your back will likely be sore the next day because you aren't used to these poses or holding them for as long as you will. A great stretch is the downward dog (in yoga) and to practice arching your back.

Packing Checklist

  • PROPS 

06. checklist

don't forget

You're free to wear what ever makes you look good.  You can decide whether to wear some clothes, or no clothes at all.  It all depends on your comfort level. One of your outfit sets can be a partial, fully or implied nude set. If you chose to pre-pay one of the bonuses is an extra look, you can choose the Just the Sheets set its so classic and one of the most popular sets.

Not everyone feels beautiful in lingerie or lace. Your boudoir session is all about YOU and what makes you feel sexy. That can be a leather jacket, a sweater, dress, button down, lingerie, etc. If you have questions or an idea you would like to try, send me an email and I can help you plan!

You are able to prep for your session however you want! Most clients prefer to remove any unwanted body hair, and I will not edit out any unwanted hair that is intentionally left, or any chipped nail polish, dirt, etc. If you prefer to be au natural, that is perfectly okay! I recommend coming to your session with clean skin and nails at the minimum. This is an investment into yourself, a reflection of how you want to be seen. This is the perfect opportunity to pamper and treat yourself like a Queen.

I hand select some of the BEST hair and make up artists I can find with years of experience to make sure you look and feel amazing. Sometimes the idea we start with needs to be tweaked or changed. The most important thing is to make sure you're happy! It's great to step outside your comfort zone, but even better to love the way you look. It is VERY important you let us know if you would like anything changed before your session starts. We will never take offense to that! 

I tell every woman who asks this question, that you need to celebrate the way you are now. Urning for a thinner or more magazine body type will not bring you happiness and these boudoir sessions are a celebration of the beauty of you AS YOU ARE NOW inside and out.

after the boudoir session

Have a date night! You are going to look and feel amazing. Go on a date, go grab drinks with your girl friends, go shopping for a new dress ! Take those selfies and feel like the brave and beautiful Goddess you are.

Go out for a  wonderful dinner, and reminisce about the incredible day we spent together!